Fire Exposed Duct System


What FEDS does

FEDS can calculate the necessary fire insulation for:
• Fans operating with external or internal fire
• Fire dampers, with and without leakage

Furthermore, the design is influenced by:
• Surface external emissivity, which varies with insulation point and surface covering
• Flow and flow direction
• Branches and connections
• Diffuser placement

FEDS provides a clear picture by simulating both internal and external fire temperatures for various parts of the ventilation duct system. With the program’s static calculation method and optional input temperatures, you receive resulting data on temperatures across various surfaces of the duct system.

Input in the program (general):
• Duct dimensions and cross-section (circular or rectangular)
• Optional ambient temperature on fire-exposed and non-fire-exposed sides, duct end
• Material thickness and thermal conductivity
• Air velocity/airflow
• Duct end blockage to calculate maximum outer temperature at air outlets
• Internal heat load to calculate potential duct fires

Input in the program (per duct section):

• Type of section, duct, and length, insulated or uninsulated or fire damper, and respective section ambient temperature
• Adjustable value for emissivity, for both the inner and outer sides of each section

What FEDS does

FEDS contributes to more sustainable construction

With FEDS, you can streamline insulation usage. Where appropriate, you can also incorporate safety distances to combustible material in combination with insulation in the calculation. This method optimizes the amount of insulation material, resulting in reduced construction costs while contributing to reducing environmental impact. By using less material and lowering costs, we are making a positive contribution to a greener future.

FEDS, Fire Exposed Duct System, is a revolutionary solution

We’re proud to offer a program better than traditional insulation calculations. FEDS provides new insights and possibilities when managing fire safety and ventilation projects. No more estimations! With FEDS, you get an entirely new level of accuracy and industry standard.

Safety doesn’t need to be complicated!

Navigating through complex calculations has never been easier. FEDS has a user-friendly design appealing to both beginners and experienced users.

We don’t believe in limitations

FEDS shouldn’t break the budget, so you only pay for an annual subscription.

Visualised fire safety

Visualising data is crucial for making well-informed decisions. FEDS provides detailed graphical presentations, making complex information easily understandable. Watch your project’s insulation needs come to life through clear diagrams and graphs.


FEDS is developed and marketed by a team of experts with both academic and industrial backgrounds. Together, the team ensures a comprehensive view of insulation calculations.

FEDS software is a technological innovation offering the latest technology for accurate and efficient results. The program caters to user needs.

Support is free and included in your subscription.

With FEDS’ help, you can make insulation calculations for ventilation systems and create efficient and sustainable fire safety solutions.