Fire Exposed Duct System


FEDS – passionate about fire safety

Ventilation is a vital part of property fire protection, and ventilation systems must be constructed to prevent or contain the spread of fire and smoke. FEDS calculation software was developed to calculate critical parts of a duct system in case of a fire incident.


FEDS stands for Fire Exposed Duct System. FEDS is software aiding users in optimising ventilation system insulation.
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Client Testimonials

Sanna Sävmark, Brandskyddslaget AB

My responsibilities at Brandskyddslaget vary somewhat, but approximately 50% of my work involves fire protection for ventilation. FEDS is an intuitive and effective program for assessing insulation requirements and clearance distances, among other factors. The programme has proven invaluable in several of my projects, enabling me to analyse the insulation needs of grease ducts, determine clearance distances to combustibles, and establish insulation requirements for the installation of fire gas dampers (E 60-S).

Hans Nyman, Brandskyddslaget AB

As a fire consultant primarily specialising in ventilation fire protection, I utilise FEDS on a daily basis. The program’s wide range of predefined fire scenarios and clear outputs allows me to refine the design of duct insulation in cooperation with ventilation consultants, irrespective of the chosen protection method. FEDS has deepened my comprehension of the factors influencing the insulation needs of ducts. Furthermore, FEDS provides various handbooks and background materials for installation fire protection.

Johan Rönnbäck, Briab

As a business manager and fire consultant specialising in ventilation fire protection, I utilise the programme to assist HVAC consultants with advice on designing insulation in specific cases, especially when faced with particularly challenging or ambiguous scenarios. The programme proves especially invaluable during the renovation of existing buildings, where innovative solutions are often required. With the programme, users have the opportunity to test and calculate various solutions. I find the programme highly intuitive and user-friendly.